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      As part of our ongoing commitment to the traveling public, we offer Packing Seminars free of charge. These seminars are held each month except July, August, and December to cover some of the do's and don'ts of packing. We offer tips & advice on how to pack & co-ordinate clothing to reduce bulk and optimize organization. A wide range of products and scenarios are covered, making it a worthwhile session. Everyone is given pamphlets & information sheets to take home that are filled with very useful tips & advice on travel.

      Upcoming packing seminars:

      WILLOW PARK (South Store): 403-777-1767


      January 13 (Sun)
      February 10 (Sun)
      March 10 (Sun)
      April 7 (Sun)
      May 5 (Sun)
      June 2 (Sun)
      July none none
      August none none
      September 22 (Sun)
      October 6 (Sun)
      November 3 (Sun)
      December none none

      DALHOUSIE STATION (North Store): 403-239-7084


      January 6 (Sun)
      February 24 (Sun)
      March 24 (Sun)
      April 28 (Sun)
      May 26 (Sun)
      June 23 (Sun)
      July none none
      August none none
      September 22 (Sun)
      October 20 (Sun)
      November 17 (Sun)
      December none none

      Please call your preferred store to pre-register

      Packing tips and more:

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