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Secure Passport Sleeve – 2Pk Secure Passport Sleeve – 2Pk

Our RFID passport covers are designed to protect a single passport embedded with a RFID wireless chip.

Our Price: $10.50
C/C Sleeves 5 Pack C/C Sleeves 5 Pack

5 Pc Pack. Protect yourself from payment fraud and identity theft. Many credit cards, drivers’ licenses, transit cards, government identification cards, and company identification cards, have a Radio-Frequency-Identification chip embedded inside them.

Our Price: $16.50
ID Mini Combo Pack 5 Piece ID Mini Combo Pack 5 Piece

With the Mini Combo Pack, you get 4 RFID blocking Secure Sleeves for credit cards and 1 RFID Blocking Secure Sleeve for Passports.

Our Price: $19.95
RFID Mini Wallet RFID Mini Wallet

Every single pocket on every single wallet is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside. Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card remains protected.

Our Price: $26.95
10 Piece Sleeve Pack 10 Piece Sleeve Pack

With the Value Pack, you get 8 RFID blocking Secure Sleeves for credit cards and 2 RFID Blocking Secure Sleeves for Passports.

Our Price: $32.95
Mens 6 Slot Wallet Mens 6 Slot Wallet

These genuine leather RFID blocking wallets feature the ABSOLUTE BEST RFID shielding on the market.

Our Price: $43.95